Traditional, Online and Social Media services for:

We secure major business, financial and industry media coverage in national and international media. Critically, once secured, we utilise this media to reach clients target audiences ie; brokers, investors, analysts, funds managers etc.

  • Small Caps
Listed companies outside the top 200 have real difficulty securing media, analyst and investor interest yet have positive news and stories to tell. By running an ongoing, consistent media campaign a small caps profile and share price can increase substantially.

We help companies add and maintain value in the market. We help them develop and maximise a strong investor base. We utilise today's modern technologies and our media expertise and extensive experience to build and maintain shareholder base as well as interest level.

A company’s share price can increase considerably due to a consistent media campaign.

  • Expanding Companies
Companies wanting to build their profile in Australia and internationally experience a significant increase in awareness via media.  There is nothing as beneficial to a company and its reputation than to be featured in the Australian Financial Review, EurekaPost, The Australian, Asian Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Business Times, The Guardian, Kohler Report.

  • Small Cap IPO’s
The IPO market in Australia has picked up but many companies, especially smaller raisings of up to $500 million are experiencing difficulty raising funds to reach full subscription.

The media plays a crucial role in the success of IPOs in terms of being fully subscribed and the opening and ongoing share price.

Further the six months (minimum) following an IPO is crucial for a newly listed company and it is pivotal that profile is maintained and increased to ensure stable and increasing share price.

  • Capital Raisings
Media will drive investors to a company which is raising capital whether through Crowdfunding or other and also offers strong national and international awareness and credibility.