How PR Can Help Small Caps and Small Cap Funds

How PR Can Help Small Caps and Small Cap Funds

How PR Can Help Small Caps and Small Cap Funds

Louise Elyse of Small Caps PR

Small Caps are under-researched, under-invested, and under-valued. They are too small for the large investment banks and fund managers to deploy their expensive resources.

Therefore, it is crucial that small cap companies are proactive in increasing their profile via marketing and public relations.  It is not enough to rely on investor relations.

Here are three ways PR can help a small cap increase its profile, share price and market capitalisation.

1. A media relations campaign which targets traditional and online international and Australia media will have a major impact on a small cap by increasing its profile and reputation.

A strategy will be developed by the PR agency or person which will identify the small caps key qualities, issues, misperceptions, target audiences, objectives, key messages and more.  Media material which will be distributed to media who show interest in the small cap.

The media will be spoken to individually (not sent media releases which is futile) by experienced journalists who are skilled at putting a story together that resonates with the media’s audience.

Articles secured in media such as Australian Financial Review, The Australian, Financial Times, Bloomberg etc is highly credible and valuable and once, secured, must then be properly used.  Promoting the articles via social media to reach potential investors, fund managers, brokers, analysts will have a major impact as they recognise the value of such media. Sending the articles to current shareholders and supports is also beneficial.

2.  Small Cap Fund Managers can significantly increase their profile and that of their fund by being a reliable commentator.  A major objective of any PR or media campaign is to establish a relationship with the CEO or Fund Manager and the media. The media are always seeking interesting, knowledgeable experts to comment in stories and this can be difficult to secure.

By being available and knowing how to work with the media effectively a CEO or Fund Managers profile will be significantly amplified. This then attracts potential shareholders to the small cap or fund which also benefit by the exposure and credibility.

3.  Writing articles on small caps; the small cap market and how to invest in small caps is a smart strategy which brings enormous benefits to a small cap company or fund manager.  If writing isn’t a skill, then simply hire a journalist to write it, known as ghost writing which is quite common.

The articles can be published in media, on industry websites, on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), in newsletter and much more.   It’s a relatively small amount of work that creates considerable exposure and increase in reputation.