Small Caps PR is a highly specialist PR agency focusing on Australian Small Caps - public companies with a market valuation of under $500 million

Increasing Small Caps share price and market capitalisation 
Small Caps PR assists small cap companies reach the highest and most appropriate valuation by leveraging traditional, online and social media.

Most Small Caps struggle to attract media, analyst, broker, investor and fund manager interest due to their focus on larger companies, the ASX 200.  

The majority of Small Caps do have compelling stories to tell but limited access to, and interest from, major media.

There is a temptation for CEOs of Small Cap companies to give up on media attention and to concentrate on investor relations, but that is a mistake. As the illustration shows, there is a triangle of communication behind investor sentiment.

Analysts deal with a company and speak to reporters. Reporters take cues from analysts about companies to watch and vice versa. If a journalist writes about a company, it spurs the interest of analysts and investors also.

We support small cap IPO's by securing major Australian and international media coverage which provides credibility and investor awareness.  This has a major impact on the IPO being fully or over subscribed and, importantly, on the opening and ongoing share price.