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Small Caps PR is a highly specialist PR agency focusing on Australian Small Caps - public companies with a market valuation of under $500 million

Increasing Small Caps share price and market capitalisation 
Small Caps PR assists small cap companies reach the highest and most appropriate valuation by leveraging traditional, online and social media.

Most Small Caps struggle to attract media, analyst, broker, investor and fund manager interest due to their focus on larger companies, the ASX 200.  

The majority of Small Caps do have compelling stories to tell but limited access to, and interest from, major media.

There is a temptation for CEOs of Small Cap companies to give up on media attention and to concentrate on investor relations, but that is a mistake. As the illustration shows, there is a triangle of communication behind investor sentiment.

Analysts deal with a company and speak to reporters. Reporters take cues from analysts about companies to watch and vice versa. If a journalist writes about a company, it spurs the interest of analysts and investors also.

We support small cap IPO's by securing major Australian and international media coverage which provides credibility and investor awareness.  This has a major impact on the IPO being fully or over subscribed and, importantly, on the opening and ongoing share price.

Australian Small Cap Awards

Australian Small Cap Awards
Australian Small Cap Awards
The 2019 Australian Small Cap Awards celebrates and awards the best of Australian small cap companies, being listed companies with a market capitalisation of under $500 million (includes micro cap companies).

The Australian Small Cap Awards also awards industry associates including journalists, brokers, analysts, fund managers, advisers, media and other.

The Awards increase industry, investor and public awareness of Australian small caps locally and internationally.  
Awards Objectives:
  • Increase industry, investor and public awareness of Australian small caps
  • Provide an avenue to bring together at a number of events the small cap industry
  • Encourage more investors to invest in small caps and small cap funds
  • Encouraging more companies to access capital markets via IPOs
  • Encourage experienced as well as new and young entrants to the profession to work in small caps

 Awards include:
  • Small Cap of the Year
  • Best Small Cap CEO
  • Best Energy Small Cap
  • Best Materials Small Cap
  • Best Industrials Small Cap
  • Best Consumer Discretionary Small Cap
  • Best Consumer Staples Small Cap
  • Best Health Care Small Cap
  • Best Information Technology
  • Best Telecommunications
  • Best Utilities
  • Best Financials Small Cap
  • Small Cap Journalist
  • Small Cap Analyst
  • Small Cap Broker
  • Small Cap Managed Fund
  • Small Cap Fund Manager
  • Small Cap IPO
  • Best Investor Relations
  • Best Small Cap Media (traditional)
  • Best Small Cap Media (online)
  • Best young Small Caps executive

Small Cap companies and industry members are invited to register interest in the Awards and will receive updates.  Entries are open in June 2019 and winners announced at an Awards Ceremony in August 2019.

For further information please contact:
Phone 0468 464 847


Traditional, Online and Social Media services for:

We secure major business, financial and industry media coverage in national and international media. Critically, once secured, we utilise this media to reach clients target audiences ie; brokers, investors, analysts, funds managers etc.

  • Small Caps
Listed companies outside the top 200 have real difficulty securing media, analyst and investor interest yet have positive news and stories to tell. By running an ongoing, consistent media campaign a small caps profile and share price can increase substantially.

We help companies add and maintain value in the market. We help them develop and maximise a strong investor base. We utilise today's modern technologies and our media expertise and extensive experience to build and maintain shareholder base as well as interest level.

A company’s share price can increase considerably due to a consistent media campaign.

  • Expanding Companies
Companies wanting to build their profile in Australia and internationally experience a significant increase in awareness via media.  There is nothing as beneficial to a company and its reputation than to be featured in the Australian Financial Review, EurekaPost, The Australian, Asian Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Business Times, The Guardian, Kohler Report.

  • Small Cap IPO’s
The IPO market in Australia has picked up but many companies, especially smaller raisings of up to $500 million are experiencing difficulty raising funds to reach full subscription.

The media plays a crucial role in the success of IPOs in terms of being fully subscribed and the opening and ongoing share price.

Further the six months (minimum) following an IPO is crucial for a newly listed company and it is pivotal that profile is maintained and increased to ensure stable and increasing share price.

  • Capital Raisings
Media will drive investors to a company which is raising capital whether through Crowdfunding or other and also offers strong national and international awareness and credibility.

Three Month Campaigns

We work smarter, harder and faster and, hence, offer three month campaigns.

Unlike PR consultancies, which pressure clients to sign minimum 12 month agreements, we are unique in offering three month campaigns. 

We are able to achieve our clients objectives within three months, a rarity in the industry.  

This offers companies major savings of minimum $72,000. 

Clients can achieve via a three month campaign:

  •  Up to 30% increase in share price
  • New committed investors, retail and institutional
  • Increased market capitalisation
  • Stronger commitment from existing shareholders

"We were featured in The Australian, ABC television, Australian Financial Review, The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and more.  This had 

a significant impact on our share price which increased by 27%.  It also impacted our shareholders as well as other audiences.  Increased attention 

from brokers, analysts and institutions was another considerable benefit.  A highly successful and rewarding initiative"  Tony Tooey, CEO Ebet Technologies

Traditional Media

Traditional Media Traditional Media
Is traditional media still relevant?

"When everyone has the ability to blog, tweet and publish, traditional media have a greater responsibility to provide ethical, credible journalism."

No other medium offers the credibility that editorial in traditional media (newspapers, magazines, television, radio) provides.  Readers and viewers know that a journalist or reporter has researched the subject and is endorsing it.  

Our clients recognise the value and importance of major, credible media.  There is no better endorsement than a strong article in The Australian, Australian Financial Review, Financial Times, ABC radio, ABC television, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Guardian, Canberra Times and more.  

Importantly, we don't just secure major media for our clients, we then put that media coverage to work utilising social media (Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook etc) and other efforts to maximise results.

"Trust in traditional media content and advertising is growing as it heads the opposite direction for social media thanks to Facebook's continued struggles with fake news, measurement errors and privacy scandals.   

The second AdTrust survey, commissioned by NewsMediaWorks – an industry body for the Australian publishing sector – found trust in advertising and content in newspapers, printed and online, television and radio had improved between June 2017 and April 2018. Trust in advertising in cinemas and the out-of-home sector had also risen." Australian Financial Review 2 July 2018

"Trust in printed newspaper advertising and content was by far the highest, improving 35 per cent and 37 per cent respectively. Radio lifted 70 per cent and 32 per cent for advertising and content respectively, while television jumped 90 per cent and 25 per cent respectively

Across all media, consumers trusted content more than advertising." - Australian Financial Review 2 July 2018

Media Specialists

Media Specialists Media Specialists
We are journalists and media experts.  We focus 100 per cent on media relations.  

A PR consultancy or consultant, on average, only spends around 10% of their time and focus on media relations.  They, typically, do not have a journalist background and, therefore, do not have a deep understanding of how to develop a story.  As journalists we do.

Effective media relations is not simply about issuing a media release which is basically futile.  It is about knowing your client’s business and commercial objectives, understanding the dynamics of the media and news cycle and delivering information which can effortlessly be translated into news.

We are experts at delivering successful media programs.  We actually guarantee media coverage.

We advise on how best to formulate strategic communications strategies that maximise the impact of positive news opportunities and minimise the impact of adverse issues facing a company.

Media relations is a critical component for the reputation management of companies and we have a successful track record in generating positive media coverage in the international, national and trade media outlets across the electronic, print and online mediums.

We develop comprehensive and cohesive media relations strategies to ensure our clients are effectively communicating their attractions through media coverage.


Importance of PR to the success of Small Cap companies

Importance of PR to the success of Small Cap companies

By providing access to a largely untapped pool of potential shareholders and customers, an effective PR campaign achieves the same goals as a successful IR program, enhancing shareholder value and attracting new investors

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How Small Caps can Increase their Share Price by up to 30% in 90 Days

How Small Caps can Increase their Share Price by up to 30% in 90 Days

The results were as anticipated with Group One which undertook a media campaign increasing their share price by an average of 25 per cent and a number of the group increased to 30 per cent.

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Attracting long term investors to Small Cap companies

Attracting long term investors to Small Cap companies

Instead of targeting large institutions, small-caps should focus on attracting their ‘natural’ investors – smaller institutions, family offices and self-directed individuals who are looking to become long-term shareholders.

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How Does News Coverage Affect the World of Finance?

How Does News Coverage Affect the World of Finance?

His research found that more media coverage and better firm visibility among investors and consumers leads to higher returns and stronger sales.

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Five Massive Marketing Mistakes Small Caps Make

Five Massive Marketing Mistakes Small Caps Make

it is crucial that small cap companies are proactive in increasing their profile via marketing and public relations. It is not enough to rely on investor relations.

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How PR Can Help Small Caps and Small Cap Funds

How PR Can Help Small Caps and Small Cap Funds

A media relations campaign which targets traditional and online international and Australia media will have a major impact on a small cap by increasing its profile and reputation.

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Can a PR campaign be successfully implemented in just 90 days?

Can a PR campaign be successfully implemented in just 90 days?

Our offering to clients is three month campaigns and at a more reasonable monthly retainer. Achieving considerable results, being media coverage in major high profile media clients will also enjoy a cost saving of around $129,000.

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